What is PathWorks?

PathWorks, A ROYWEST Company, provides customized, fully integrated strategies that focus on how organizations recruit, select, onboard, train/develop and reward and acknowledge their employees in a way that creates world-class levels of employee and customer engagement. And, employee and customer engagement has been proven to most directly correlate with sustained growth, increased margins and earnings per share.

Our Education Consulting strategies center on how schools recruit, select, onboard, train and develop and reward and acknowledge their staff in a way that choreographs the creation of passionate students who out perform on their proficiency testing, develop learning competencies that serve them for life and as a result become more productive, collaborative citizens.

Through the leadership of Roy West, PathWorks is among the most accomplished and experienced consultative organizations in the world relative to customization, deployment, execution and measurement of the following Talent Management and Engagement strategies:

  • Targeted Recruiting
  • Selection
  • On-boarding and New Hire Training (Position Specific)
  • Ongoing Training and Development (Position Specific)
  • Coaching, Management and Leadership Competency Training
  • StrengthsCoaching and StrengthsTeam Building
  • Reward and Acknowledgement (Organizational or Position Specific)
  • Employee Engagement, Student Engagement, Customer Engagement
  • StrengthsBased Strategy

In the upcoming war for talent, we believe that employers will need highly talented, passionate, engaged employees more than the other way around. We predict that companies that are not willing to hire the best and treat them as such, place them with coaches, managers, leaders that are capable of building relationship and shaping the culture so that they can create emotional connections with every customer, every time, will wake up one day and find the talent cupboard bare.

We show you how to synchronize your culture based on Strengths based Philosophies shaped by the Gallup Q12® Employee Engagement Survey and its associated Action Planning and Business Impact Analysis™. We Coach your Coaches how to choreograph the environment whereby your employees/teachers engage every customer/student emotionally every time through their own unique talents [HumanSigma®].

We help you know with “quantifiable certainty” that you are on the right path.