Engagement is the Key in Business

Through 50 years of research, The Gallup Organization has identified what matters most at work and in the lives of employees around the globe. And, the Q12®, Employee Engagement Survey does just that…identifies and promotes the conditions of a great work place.

At the local level, the Q12 unleashes the full engagement potential of individuals. It stands in complete contrast to the way organizations typically position employee engagement as something that only comes from earning more money and or receiving unwanted incentives. Instead, it shows that full engagement is a product not only of the way employees think, but also of how they feel. And, the way people feel is all about emotions…ENGAGEMENT.

And, Research has proven that engagement is the key driver of business outcomes such as profitability, productivity, safety, retention and customer measures.

At PathWorks, we predict that organizations will eventually realize that it is not the formal labor movement that they should be most concerned about. Nor will formal labor represent the true needs, desires and wants [feelings] of employees in the future.

We believe the greatest labor movement in the history of mankind is already underway via the Q12. And, those organizations that honor and apply the strengths of their employees, enable them to make an even stronger contribution to their roles, teams and their workplace, will enjoy a competitive advantage with customers well into the future.

In this pursuit, PathWorks leverages the research of The Gallup Organization and with partnership and permission from The Gallup Organization, advocates/utilizes The Gallup Path® and its associated suite of products and tools in helping you customize your individual and organizational talent management and employee/customer engagement strategies.