Engagement is the Key in Schools

Dr. Gary Gordon asserts in his book titled, Building Engaged Schools, “that we are now in a time of rapid social and technological change and our schools have had trouble keeping up. So much, that they haven’t had enough breathing room to thoughtfully examine the critical assumptions under which they operate. Now full swing in the information age, we are experiencing growing pains and, increased testing and school vouchers have done little to change social conditions.”

The following six outdated assumptions represent the largest barriers to improving schools outcomes:

  1. Higher expectations and accountability testing are the keys to insuring students are learning what they need to be successful in life.
  2. Focusing on and improving areas of weakness for students and teachers is the key to making them more successful.
  3. Selecting and developing teachers and principals on the basis of their knowledge and skills is the most reliable way to promote student success.
  4. There exists a perfect curriculum that can help solve student achievement problems in a way that works for all students and teachers.
  5. Differences in workplace culture are largely irrelevant to schools because a teacher's working environment doesn’t make much difference in the classroom.
  6. Though greater involvement in America’s schools is needed, schools can do little to improve parent’s commitment to their children’s education.

And we agree!

Our approach at PathWorks, albeit with strategies, programs and tools customized for education, parallels the growing recognition in business that focusing on the unique needs and development of individuals is both possible and profitable.

As more educators come to realize that their greatest opportunity for improvement lies not in technologies, but in drastically under appreciated and underutilized reservoirs of human talent, we believe that our children will be better for it.

We predict that Schools concerned with hard outcomes like in National Proficiency Testing, are going to realize that the most effective and efficient means by which to achieve these goals is in fact, by drawing upon the strengths and emotions of individual staff, teachers and students [ENGAGEMENT].

In this pursuit, PathWorks leverages the research of The Gallup Organization and with partnership and permission from The Gallup Organization, advocates/utilizes The Gallup Path® and its associated suite of products and tools in helping you customize your individual and organizational talent management and employee/customer engagement strategies.