About StrengthsDiscovery Seminars

A StrengthsIntroduction
In preparation for the StrengthsDiscovery Seminar, you will have completed the StrengthsIntroduction. The StrengthsIntroduction comes with a scientifically validated assessment of your talents, an associated e-learning and one-to-one StrengthsInterview with a ROYWEST Coach. You will have also received a one year subscription to StrenghtsAlliance, "StrengthsPlace".

We Begin with a Focus on You!
At The Roy West Companies we believe that a seminar, meeting or program does not begin until you hear you own voice…The chance to speak and be heard. We realize that objective by beginning every StrengthsDiscovery seminar with an exercise called “Focus on You.” And, Focus on You is what we do for the entire day!

Strengths Content, Beliefs, The Right/Wrong Assumptions and The Rabbit Story.
During the course of the day you will learn Strengths through the eyes of one of the most accomplished Strengths practitioners in the world. A master story teller, communicator and futurist, Roy West, Master Coach, will lead the mutually, self revelatory journey and validation. We predict there will not be one second of the entire day that you will not be fully engaged. And, the good news is that you will have stories to share and tools to help you be better to your family and friends beginning that evening upon your return home.

Interacting With and Learning From Others Who Share Your Commitment
Perhaps what you didn’t anticipate was the fact that your strengths were going to develop best in relation to other human beings. We will spend the day in interactive exercises, learning how to acknowledge others, accept and honor their differences and understand what motivates them most...Communicating one to one and in open dialogue. You will grow exponentially as a result of learning how to live well by doing good. This day is for you!

Want to speak to a ROYWEST Coach to learn more? Contact Us Now at 407-342-3966 or via email at Roy@RoyJWest.com.