About StrengthsMastery Seminars

Before You Can Coach Anyone, You Must First Know Yourself
Now that you have completed the StrengthsIntroduction, its associated e-learning and your 1 to 1 interview with a ROYWEST MasterCoach, you are prepared to pursue StrengthsMastery!

A Mutually, Self-Revelatory Experience
You will be coached by one of the most accomplished Strengths practitioners in the world. A master storyteller and futurist, Roy West, will lead the mutually, self-revelatory journey of mastering your strengths and equipping you with the knowledge and skills to coach others through their strengths.

A Broader Perspective Based on Relationship and Personal Mission
As you are being invested in one to one, through interactive exercises and via open dialogue, you will realize that your life’s perspective is being broadened and your mission revealed. You will see that your life is now full of powerful new friends who share your commitment to focusing on what is good and right in others and coaching them to their true potential.

An Urgency to Make a Difference
At the end of this highly interactive two-day seminar, you will feel the urgency to practically apply the truths, tools and skills you have mastered during your time with us, to build better relationships, increase your performance and improve the wellness and quality of your life. Your life will be transformed!

Want to speak to ROYWEST MasterCoach to learn more?
Contact us at 407-342-0581 or via email at Roy@RoyJWest.com.