What is StrengthsAlliance?

At The ROY WEST Companies, we embrace Jim Clifton's (Chairman and CEO of The Gallup Organization) vision to drive the practice of “Strengths” related philosophies and utilization of strengths based assessments to a global tipping point.

To do our part, we aspire to touch the lives of 100-million people. We know that we can’t achieve this goal by ourselves. So, we need alliances. Alliances with others who are willing to stand along side us. Alliances with those who wish to make a difference in the lives of others and the world through the practice of looking for what is good and right in others.

StrengthsAlliance, A ROYWEST Company, is the organization through which we coach and teach strengths content globally enabling a network of individuals who are expert at fulfilling the role of Coach.

Our vision for StrengthsAlliance is supported by a technology platform. A “place to go” when you “want to know” more about your own strengths, the strengths of others and how to use them to be a better coach, manager, leader, parent, teacher, spouse, friend.

It is the place where you can encourage others to go to identify those things that they can be really good at. StrengthsAlliance is the place where you will find the latest strengths based research, articles, audio files, video and links and the ability to communicate with like-minded people.

And, StrengthsAlliance is the platform [metaphorically] on which we stand, commit to, and declare our intent to change the way business is conducted. Change the views on relationship in the workplace and in our lives. Change parenting and learning for adults and children alike. Change the world. Forever! We intend to keep score…100-million lives.

We equip you to serve as a Coach to everyone you come into contact with…for the rest of your life.

We invite you to declare your intent and subscribe!