Join StrengthsAlliance and Access “StrengthsPlace”

When you join our StrengthsAlliance you will have access to “StrengthPlace.” StrengthsPlace is a private member area dedicated to those who want to learn how to build better relationships, increase their performance and improve the wellness and quality of their lives.

As a StrengthsAlliance member, StrengthsPlace will be your “Place-to-Go”, when you want to know more about your own Strengths, the Strengths of others and how to productively apply what you have learned. You will receive the StrengthsPlace Newsletter and have the ability to communicate with other members from around the globe. At StrengthsPlace, you will find the latest Strengths research, articles, audio and video files, links to other Strengths based sites and information on interactive learning opportunities.

There are two – (2) ways to become a member of StrengthsAlliance:

1. You have completed the Clifton StrengthsFindersm [$100 for one year]

You want to learn more…You want to reinvigorate your commitment to living a strengths based life? Become a StrengthsAlliance member and StrengthsPlace will be your “Place to Go.”

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2. You have not completed the Clifton StrengthsFindersm [$250]

When you purchase StrengthsIntroduction, here’s what you can expect:

A. A Scientifically Validated Assessment of Your 34 Talents
B. An Associated E-learning with 40+ hours of customized learning
C. One-to-One Strengths Interview with a ROYWEST MasterCoach
D. A One Year membership in StrengthsAlliance [Limited Offer]

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