What is WestSpeak?

Research conducted in support of The Gallup Organization’s Q12® Employee Engagement Survey, has proven that few things are more invigorating and engaging than affording individuals/employees the opportunity to express their opinions/feelings on major decisions that directly affect their work and life.

This chance to “speak and be heard” is a key source of innovation and engagement at organizations that embrace this belief. Unfortunately, less than 4 in 10 of the 5+ million employees in Gallup’s world wide data base strongly agree with the statement “At work, my opinions seem to count”.

At WestSpeak, A ROYWEST Company, we provide strengths based, 1-to-1 communication strategies, programs and tools that enable you to create and sustain a performance based work environment where each individual's unique ideas, opinions, feelings and talents/strengths are not only valued, but honored for how they are most different.

Our strategies, training programs and tools enable you to conduct more effective and engaging 1-to-1 interviews, team meetings, programs and conferences by affording every participant a chance to hear their own voice before you begin.

We provide you strategies that synchronize your culture around relationship, talent based acknowledgement and encouragement which gives your employees the permission and freedom to be themselves…your best chance to harvest their discretionary effort…And, their best chance to perform.

We show you how to implement Strengths based communication philosophies shaped by the Q12 Employee Engagement Survey and its associated action planning process.

We Coach your Coaches how to choreograph the environment whereby your employees/customers and teachers/students can speak and “know with certainty,” they have been heard.