Meet Roy J.

Roy West is among the world’s foremost experts in the areas of Talent Management and Employee/Customer Engagement strategies and their resultant impact on performance.

Prior to founding THE ROY WEST COMPANIES, Roy served 22 years in Fortune 500 Companies culminating in the role of Vice President-Customer Acquisition Talent for 4 of the Marriott/Ritz Carlton Brands while at Marriott Vacations Worldwide.

Through the years, Roy has worked with Gallup Business Leaders and Researchers as a strategic internal champion and as an external consultant in developing/deploying scientifically validated selection tools, implementation of the CliftonsStrengths 34 and Builder Profile 10 Talent Assessments and administration of the Q12 Employee Engagement Survey.

Across several decades, he has archietected the training for and personally invested in 5000+ Coaches, Managers and Leaders originating from over 30 cuntires. In 2021, Roy was named to the Executive Leadership Cadre at Ball State University's Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute.

From the boardroom to the front lines, Roy is a highly sought after Coach, Consultant and inspiring Key-Note Speaker. He has been a featured speaker at multiple Global Strengths Summits, The Gallup Great Work Place Awards and his work has been documented in multiple Reaserach Publications and Magazines including a Conference Board Research Report, titled "Strategic Human Capital Measures" [R-1417-08-WG].

His expertise in the areas of Talent Management and Engagement is complimented with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Eastern Kentucky University and a distinguished performance of duty as an Active Duty and Reserve U.S. Army Transportation Officer where his decorations include The Bronze Star.

Roy resides in Orlando, Florida, with Mary, his wife of 33 years, twenty-one year-old son William who is a Sophomore at Columiba University in The City of New York and fourteen year-old daughter, Nina who is a gifted student, artist and athlete.

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