Products, Seminars and Fee Schedule

The “StrengthsIntroduction” (Product)
At The Roy West Companies, discovering the source of your greatness begins with
identifying the ways in which you most naturally think, feel, and behave—your talents.
And, our tool of choice for identifying your talents is the Clifton StrengthsFinder®.

Once you have completed the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment and explored it’s 40+ hours of associated e-learning, you will participate in a StrengthsInterview with a ROYWEST MasterCoach where you will begin to understand how to consciously add knowledge and skills to your areas of greatest potential. Your talents. You will also receive a one year subscription to StrengthsAlliance.

The “StrengthsDiscovery” Seminar (One Day)
At The Roy West Companies we believe that a meeting, program or seminar does not begin until you hear you own voice…The chance to speak and be heard.

We begin each StrengthsDiscovery Seminar with an exercise called “Focus on You”...And, “Focus on You” is literally what we do for the entire day! At the end of the day, you will know with certainty how to speak the Strengths language, identify and achieve the things that matter most in your life, acknowledge others and draw upon the power of their differences. And, most importantly, you will know how to use these truths, tools and skills to build better relationships, increase your performance and improve the wellness and quality of your life.

The “StrengthsMastery” Seminar (Two Days)
At The Roy West Companies, we believe before you can ever coach anyone else you must first know yourself.

Now that you have completed the StrengthsIntroduction and the StrengthsDiscovery Seminar, you are prepared to pursue the aspiration of becoming a better coach, manager, leader, parent, teacher, spouse, friend. At the end of this highly interactive two day seminar, you will have created a strengths based, Talent management strategy for achieving your individual, team and organization’s performance goals. You will know with certainty that engagement is the key driver of performance and how you can “Do Good and Live Well.”

Products, Seminars and Fee Schedule